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The working time accounting system, which is a part of the program complex, allows to control the employees of the organization and maintain discipline in the team. By using this program, you will always know exactly how much time your employees spend on their direct work duties and how much time they spend on outsiders. Employee monitoring software can send informative daily, weekly and monthly reports in PDF format to your E-mail, and also provides the ability to view reports online in a browser. A number of special reports are available to you:
  • Ribbon schedule - a visual representation of information about the beginning and end of work, breaks, distribution of activity during the day with an accuracy of one minute.
  • Monthly report card - designed in a familiar and convenient accounting forms, easy to read and understand, can be saved on a PC and printed, can be used to calculate wages
  • Detailed individual report - consider in detail what exactly a particular employee was doing: performing official duties or dealing with outsiders.
  • Consolidated report - helps identify the best employees and the worst ones who are often distracted and late. For comparison, you can choose a period, individual employees, departments or all at once.
It is also possible to set the annual work schedule with the appointment of lunch breaks, vacations, vacations, vacations by users and departments.

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